Multi-Store Support for Simply, Peachtree and QuickBooks

When I was developing integration systems between POS and Accounting systems, often facing the requirement to integration multi-stores with accounting software, mainly Simply Accounting, Peachtree and QuickBooks. But not all the accounting packages support multi-stores or handle it the same way. Here I will summarize the situation and provide solutions how to add multi-stores support for each accounting Packages

Simply Accounting

In Simply Accounting you can divide the accounts into different departments, transactions from the department will be reflected in the account balance. You can select different department account in journal entries or in invoices. This gives Simply Accounting a good and easy way to support muitl-stores. We can link different stores or companies to different to a given department, and any transactions from a store will be posted only to the account of according department.


In QuickBooks things are little bit different than Simply Accounting, you can not divide accounts. But luckily in QuickBooks you can tag a transaction using “Class”. In journal entry, invoices or other transactions , anywhere you post balance into an account, you can tag the entry with a given class. QuickBooks does provide some reports based on the class tag. This tagging feature can be used for multi-stores integration. We can link each stores to a specific class and tag every entries with the class. This provides a decent support for multi-stores as well

Peachtree Accounting

In Peachtree there is no easy way to add multi-stores support. Once I talked with support person from Peachtree and he said that if I want multi-store support, better look at QuickBooks instead of Peachtree. But for those who loved Peachtree and have been using it for so many years that is not a solution. At the end I do find a way to support the multi-stores: establish an account prefix for each stores, and for each account for multi-stores needs, create accounts with according prefix. It is quite easy and fast to create accounts with prefix in Peachtree.


Although the integration methods with each accounting system are different, at the end I was able to provide multi store supports for all three accounting systems, and all worked quite well.


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