Got my new Audi Q5 (2012) this week

Finally got my Audi Q5 this week! Excited and somehow I feel it is better than my previous test drives ;), the steering wheels is not that loose anymore. The Audi Q5’s acceleration and braking are really smooth, stable and full of power, feels like a combination of BMW X3 and Lexus Rx350, anyway I am happy with the purchase :).

Same as anyone else, i guess, we started our research on the internet, looking car reviews and features. Since we have two growing kids so we decided to have a SUV, but not too big. We have looked at several models including Honda CRV, Lincoln MKX, Toyota RAV4 and Venza, Hyundai Santa Fe, Lexus RX350, BMW X1/X3 and Audi Q5. My wife likes the looks of RX350. We also wanted leather seats so it would be easier to clean up (hard to prevent the kids messing up their seats). After some visits and test drivers we narrow down to three models, including Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Lexus RX350.

I liked the looks of Honda CRV but the test drive was terrible, somehow I felt it was not better than my 2000 Hyundai Sonata, and it is quite expensive to add leather seats. There was some weird sound in Lincoln MKX that press my ear drums badly, the acceleration and braking was not impressive as well. Toyota RAV4 feels bit of small. The BMW X3 feels powerful in the test drive and it handles the road really well, the only issue I had with X3 is that it is quite expensive to add additional package, the basic is just too basic. RX350 is really smooth, my wife liked it but I feel it is too cozy. We both had really good impression with Audi Q5, the looks, the price and the packages come with it; the test drive was excellent as well, except the steering wheels feels bit of loose but once get used to it,it is fine.

There are some websites you can get the dealer cost reports. The one I used is Here is the report for Audi Q5 2.0 2012

I had negotiated with several sales persons from different dealers, including self-declared arrogant Q5 king and nice Q5 queen, I am not saying that they are not good sales reps, but most of them gave me the feelings that they were fooling me around. The last sales person I talked with was quite honest about the car, the pros and cons, the cost and delivery, what he can do for me. He was helpful and I made my offer on the second visits. Although there was a week delay of the delivery, I am happy to go with this dealer.


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