Fighting to save German Mills Settlers Parking

As many of other residents I am fighting for saving German Mills Settlers Park, once a landfill nearly 40 years ago. The issue came from the motion to install aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors into the park (for detail information please refer to the website I have never seen so many residents in our neighborhood so enthusiastically involved in any other kinds issues before. Surrounding the issue, not only residents are concerned and we are self organized and formed our own organization, Settlers Park Residents Association (SPRA), created our website to raise the awareness and fight for the issue.

German Mills Settlers Park, a large green space between Markham and Toronto, a great habitat for wild animals, birds and many other species. It is amazing to see this kind of green space in the middle of the city and we loved it ever since I visited it and eventually bought a house and moved beside the park. Every summer when I was jogging in the park I can see several deers running around.

German Mills Settlers Park
As many other residents I am using the park daily. But anaerobic bioreactors in the park not only make no economic sense (it cost at least 5 millions dollars to initiate the project and more money to maintain it after), and it does not make environmental sense as well. If the project proceed it will for sure generate much more hazard gases and water; and the area have to be fenced off for decades. Not sure why city and councilors would consider it at the first place. The idea was brought up six years ago and because of so many objections from the residents the city did not proceed. The only benefit I could see is for whoever doing or involving the project would get fat cheques from tax payer’s money.

I am glad that Canada is a democracy country and we have a chance to fight for ourselves. I am pleased to see that Howard Shore, our councilor, initiated the motion to abandon the idea and instead to designate this area as a Meadow and Natural Habitat. In the coming Tuesday (Jun 26, 2012) the councilors will vote for the issue, as many other residents I will be in the civic center at city hall to participate the meeting, and hope we can once and for all save the park.


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