Letters to Markham Councillors

Dear Councillors,

I am one of the residents that are using the German Mills Settlers Park on a daily basis, and as many of other residents, I was shocked to hear that project to install aerobic and anaerobic bioreactors came back again. Not sure how it was initiated, but as our beloved councillors, the consideration should be only based on the benefits of residents of surrounding the park and all residents of Markham.

We are all aware of that the project will not make economic sense for Markham, and technology wise it is a matured technology and will not make Markham as leaders in the area. And we, not only residents surrounding the park, but many residents in Markham, have been making our voices loud and clear to object any kind of bioreactors to be installed in the park. I have never seen so many residents in our neighborhood so enthusiastically involved in any other kinds issues before. It is clear to me it is such a big concern to so many residents.

Not sure any of you, our councillors, are using the park, but bioreactors or any kind of speedy technology will for sure create environmental concerns. Even as of now, every day in the morning when I am jogging near the ventilation well in the middle of the park, if it is not a windy day, the stinky air will make me hard to breathe; when I talked with residents near by the ventilation house, all of them had experienced the stinky smell before; cannot image what would it be like if bioreactors are installed.

It is clear to me this is not an issue of Markham pioneering in land fill processing technology, it is an issue about the people, not only people surrounding the park, but all the people in Markham. As our councillors please listen to the voices of the residents you are representing of, and consider the project only for the benefits of Markham and the people living in Markham, not for any other parties that would benefit from tax payer’s money from the project.

We, residents surrounding the park and residents of Markham, appreciate and applause for the motion from dear councillor, Howard Shore, to designate this area as a Meadow and Natural Habitat, and appeal all our councillors, for the benefits of the people and Markham, to support his motion in the coming meeting on Jun 26.

Jun 25, 2012

From A Resident of Markham

Dear Councillors,

As you now all are aware of the German Mills Settlers Park issue, that so many residents are organized together and raising their voice and concerns with the anaerobic bioreactors project. I have send you all an email yesterday and thanks for many of you that will support councillor Howard Shore’s motion to designate this area as a Meadow and Natural Habitat, all of us who fighting for the park are truly appreciated the support.

The issue is not just a local issue anymore. It is now on news, tv, on twitter, youtube and blogs. People from not only surrounding area, Markham, but from all the world are watching, how the city will act, are we listening to the voice of the residents, what is our position in protecting the environment. We, the people, city and all the councillors, we are making the history here and now.

Me, my children and many people first visited the German Mills Settlers Park, we are surprised, and I still remember vividly my kids had their faces light up and their eyes wide opened. It is such a beautiful place that we never expected in the middle of the city. When our children or grand children visit the park in the future, when their faces light up and when eyes wide open, when they are amazed as we did, we, the people, the councillors, all of us made this possible today, we can proudly tell them, that we made it happen.

I suggest that if German Mills Settlers Park become a designated Meadow and Natural Habitat, we should have a opening ceremony to record the history, and something record and show future generation who make all this possible.

Thanks again for all the councillors that support the motion, and for those are not yet decided to reconsider your choices, to make our children, the future generation, feel proud that we had made the right decision.

Jun 26, 2012

From A Resident of Markham

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