The Success of a Stronger Community

Victory for the community

Last night, Jun 26, 2012, hundreds of residents attended the meeting in city hall, and Markham city council voted against the anaerobic bioreactors project for German Mills Settlers Park. With all the 12 councillors against the project and only the major in favor of it. Democracy speaks and victory to the community!

As councillor Howard Shore said in the meeting: “I have met and spoke with so many residents in the community for the past several weeks and never encounter a soul in favor of the project”, all the residents in our neighborhood against it, and in fact the residents are so fired up, we formed our own community association and united together with several other resident associations in Markham to fight for the issue; the community never been so united before. Although I am glad that the project is dead now, I am disappointed to see that the major supported the project and call the motion to designate German Mills Settlers Park as a Meadow and Natural Habitat “immature”

I had attended several other meetings in the city before and never seen so many residents in the room before, in fact the room was almost full, and almost all the residents stayed there all night until the voting finished after 10pm. Many residents spoke at the meeting and several of them got really emotional over the issue. I am happy to see that I am living in such a caring community.

Thanks for all the people so enthusiastically involved and fight for the community and thanks all the councillors who listened to the voices of the residents, special thanks to councillor Howard Shore who helped the community to finally put the anaerobic bioreactors project at ease.

United together we are a strong community.

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