Many businesses are using either QuickBooks, Peachtree or Simply Accounting, not just for their financial needs but for managing their customers, sales and products. Now with most businesses go online, it is a challenge to manage and synchronize data between their web store and their accounting package. I have developed 4ZMagic WebLink to automate the task:

Download Web Orders Right Into your Peachtree or QuickBooks as Invoices
(with Customer ,Billing, Taxes, Shipping and Payment info)

Products Management for Peachtree or QuickBooks to add Web
Information, Includes Images, Additional Web Information

Synchronize Products (with images) and Product Stock Levels between
Web Store and QuickBooks or Peachtree Accounting

Extended Add-Ons for osCommerce, Support Wholesale and Distribution
Business: Custom Price Levels, Private Web Store and Much More…

Anyone want to design and print barcode/labels knows that it is not an easy job, even in most of the Point of Sales (POS) system where label printing is a common task. There are no label design and print software in the market can be used to work with QuickBooks, Peachtree or Simply Accounting. From my years of experience working in Point of Sales, barcode printing and accounting integration I have developed 4ZMagic Labels for QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting to simplify the task.

Print Barcode Labels for Your Products in QuickBooks, Peacchtree, Simply Accounting
and Microsoft Excel Worksheet Files

Professional WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
Label Design Interface Let You Create Your Own Labels Within Minutes

Support Zerbra Barcode Printers, Laser and Inkjet Printers

Support Printing Logo, Pictures, Curved text, Boxes and Lines, liner and 2D barcodes (QR Code, PDF47, Matrix etc)

Hundreds of build-in Label Templates (Zebra Labels, Avery Labels etc)

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