4ZMagic Labels

Label design and printing for QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting

Label printing is one of the most common job in retail businesses, but anyone doing this job knows that design your own labels is no easy tasks. With most Point of Sales (POS) or Inventory control systems, design labels is a tough thing. Although there are some commercial label design and printing software out of there, like NiceLabel, but in most situation you will not be able to use your own data with it. Many wholesale and distribution businesses, and some retailers as well, are using accounting systems, including QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting, to manage their products and sales, if they want to design and print labels for their products from accounting system, they are out of luck.

In order to solve this problem I was working on develop a professional label design and printing software. It was certainly not an easy task. There were lot of work to generate barcodes (and so many kind of them) and providing easy to use design functions is technically difficult, even in the .Net era. But I eventually I was able to finish 4ZMagic Labels for QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting. It is intuitive and really easy to use, anyone can design and print labels within minutes. It provides even better designing functions and experience than NiceLabel. Now QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting users can easily print any barcode labels with 4ZMagic Labels using barcode printers or regular windows Laser/Inkjet printers

The designing interface:

4ZMagic Labels includes hundreds of building templates for Zebra barcode printer and regular Windows Laser/Inkjet Printers

Barcode Labels Templates

Barcode Labels Templates

You can preview any labels on the screen before printing it

Preview Label before printing

Find out more about design and print barcode labels from QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting

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