ACE Retail POS

ACE Retail POS(Point of Sales)

I have been managing and developing ACE Retail POS from the beginning. It’s a fully integrated and customizable POS Solution that controls all aspects of business: customers and sales, inventory management, vendors and purchasing, credit card processing and accounting integration. I have been in the development of all important modules:

  • Inventory Management and Control
  • CRM and Sales Management
  • Optimized and Automatic Purchase Ordering System
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Credit/Debit/Gift Card processing:
    Chase Paymentech, Moneris, Global, Mercury Merchantwarehouse, PC Charge…
  • Retail, Wholesale and Distribution System
  • Schedule and Events Tracking System
  • Advanced Promotion and Customer Loyalty Management
  • Head Office Moudles support hundreds of Stores
  • Integration Modules for QuickBooks, Peachtree and Simply Accounting
  • Automatic Webs tore Integration
  • Mobile POS and “Store On the GO” system
  • Security and Employee Management
  • .NET Migration and UI
  • Reports

Online Webstore

ACE Webstore is developed from osCommerce Online Merchant with customizable template and many other new features, including wholesales and distribution modules. It can be fully integrated with ACE Retail POS. Products from POS can be uploaded directly into webstore and web orders can be downloaded right into POS system. Webstore

Enhancement Includes:

  • Private (Members only) Site Support
  • Custom Price Group System
  • Self Managed Custom Themes and Template
  • Customized Banners
  • Product Features/Matrices Support, Including Individual Pricing, Stock Level and Availability Control
  • Additional Classification and Enhanced Categories Modules
  • Customized Product Detail Information
  • POS Integration Module

Simply, Peachtree and QuickBooks Integration

I fully managed and developed all the integration modules for these three accounting systems. The integration can be in summarized or detail levels, either way all the accounting data will be automatically send to accounting systems. During the period I gained extensive knowledge of accounting and our CA often said that I am better than a lot of accountants out there.

  • Sales integration with options at summary and detail level
  • Automatic customer/vendor creation and synchronization
  • Accounts payable and receivables synchronization
  • Automatic inventory sreation and synchronization
  • Purchase order and receiving integration
  • Automatic taxes generation and integration

Head Office

The head office system I had developed for ACE Retail POS system is a centralized retail and business management solution which allows information to flow between the individual store databases to a central (corporate head office) database. This information being passed gives the central site the ability to monitor the activities and needs of each individual store.

  • Support hundreds stores
  • Support different kinds of franchise businesses: fully or individually owned
  • Centralize control store information, including products, security, departments, promotions taxes, and much more
  • Multi warehouse support, suitable for international businesses
  • Cloud based options available
  • Control, moving and selling products between stores
  • Reporting for multi stores
  • Manual and automatic (unattended) synchronization options

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